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Engineers for a Sustainable World is a nonprofit network made up of people passionate about technical sustainability from all across the world. We believe that engineers, and anyone who loves to solve problems, are key to solving today's biggest sustainability challenges.

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Using Plastic Derived Fuel Oil from Polyolefins as a Sulfur-Free Cooking Fuel

Polyolefin plastics are extremely detrimental to the planet because of the time it takes to decom...


UCI - Beach Clean-up Rover

With incorrect disposal of plastics and other materials, the ocean has quickly become a place of ...


Super Mileage Car 2.0

A rebuilding of the EMU super mileage car designed to compete in the shell eco marathon.


Solar Powered Community Fridge

This project will involve building a solar-powered refrigerator for communal use. Community fridg...

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Campus Food Delivery: GHG assement

This project is in collaboration with UBC Food Services and UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program. Our...


Build Day 2021/2022 Living Wall

Designing a living wall for installation in the atrium of the Chemical and Biological Engineering...


Space Apps Challenge

It is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builder...


MSU - Bicycle Powered Generator

Create electricity with a portable and adjustable pedal-powered generator using recycled parts. T...


University of California-Irvine Community Garden Build Day

A set of garden boxes and a composter for Franklin Elementary in Santa, Ana California. The proje...


3D Printing Filament Extruder

Building a filament extruder that uses recycled plastics for use for 3D printing.
Following this...


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