ZPP is utilizing a phased approach to establish our collaborative recycling work-space.

Phase 1:

Design Detailing

Getting Started! This phase entails the creation of a mobile plastic shredder, and a compression machine. The shredder will allow recycled plastics to be shredded into smaller pieces that will ease the manufacturing process. The compression machine will manufacture reduced plastic by applying mechanical pressure and heat.

Phase 2:

Research and Design

Tearing it up! This phase builds on phase 1 by adding an extrusion machine and secondary plastic shredder. The extrusion machine will take shredded plastics and create structural supports and 3-D print filament. The secondary shredder will consist of a dual shaft to increase yields of shredded plastic.

Phase 3:

Making Useful Parts

Creating something new! This phase allows for further development of the ZPP work space which includes the installation of a 3-D printer and injection machine. The 3-D printer will allow for further testing of 3-D print filament that will be created by the project. The injection machine will allow the space to create precise objects through machined molds.



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