UCSD ESW-Personal Electric Vehicle project explores the possibilities of designing and manufacturing any vehicle that is powered by electricity. Our current project is converting a regular bike into an electric bike with a regenerative braking system. Those who are time sensitive, live in inner-city, have public transit issues (public transit does not reach all communities or is far away), do not own a car, find biking to work or school exerting, or who suffer from anaemia will benefit the most from this project. The bike will cut down on commute time and money. Additionally, the bike will make lengthy rides on hilly roads at UCSD less tiresome. The project will encourage more people to switch to sustainable means of transportation. Our goal is to make an e-bike that is consistent enough for commuting.

We are currently working on converting a car alternator into a motor for the bike. We will then work on creating a regenerative braking system.

Our future, more ambitious project will be converting a regular car into an electric car.



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