Our app, Sustainable Scotty, promotes sustainable behavior by fostering friendly competition and by rewarding users with virtual and real life prizes. Students select from various sustainable actions, such as refilling a reusable water bottle, composting or using a reusable bag. Then they can snap a quick picture, log it, and earn coins. Users can then put the coins they earn towards unlocking different types of green infrastructure to build their virtual cities. They can also put their coins towards real life rewards such as a free cookie or a free coffee at campus dining locations, or credit in the Carnegie Mellon Bookstore. Sustainable Scotty estimates the amount of CO2 saved by the user’s actions; users can join groups to compete against friends to save the most amount of CO2.

We currently have a working prototype. Much of the design components are completed, and we are now working on the code and database portion. Many of our members did not have prior experience in app design, and we used a Udemy course on iOS app development to learn how to build an app.



Also available in: Atom