For the past year, we have had increasing trouble with our composting system, which was basically two big plastic tubs filled with worms and potato skins. The composting system lives in harmony in our greenhouse with our hydroponics system. For starters, the plastic lids are cracking, it is difficult to mix food scraps into the dirt, and it leaks worms. Yes, you read that correctly. There are holes in the bottom of the tubs through which a few particularly valiant worms ventured. While cleaning the greenhouse one day, I discovered a settlement comprised of a tub collecting periodic drops from a leaky hose and the descendants of said worms, who seemed to be enjoying themselves more than their cousins in the composter. Anyway, that's besides the point. While home for quarantine, I decided that I would repurpose and old drum that belonged to our club. With the help of some other members of our team, we designed, fashioned, cut, welded, grinded down, re-welded, and painted ourselves a new composter. It was made mostly out of repurposed materials we had on hand, save the latches and paint. It rotates to make mixing easy and mess-free and had no worm exit points incorporated in the design. It is expected to serve Georgia Tech ESW's composting needs for years to come. Be sure to look for us in Composter Fashion Monthly.



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