The Renewable Energy Solutions: Campus Energy Conservation sub-team is working with the Cornell Campus Sustainability Office to visualize data concerning energy consumption on Campus. The dashboard developed can be used to display energy consumption from different buildings on campus over time. The spring 2022 semester in particular, the team worked to implement a series of energy saving mechanisms around campus, as directed by the Campus Sustainability Office. These projects included: an analysis of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers in Cornell Labs, research and analysis of smart control system algorithms within buildings, and the development of fault-detection algorithms as a part of New York State’s RTEM Hackathon. Through these projects, the team learned about how Cornell’s Buildings are heated and cooled and how laboratories in CALS and the Vet School could be upgraded to reduce energy consumption. The hackathon in particular helped the team practice data analysis and visualization in the context of real-time energy data. Overall, the development and eventual implementation of fault-detection and occupancy algorithms at Cornell will help the University save energy and reduce its carbon footprint.



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